The Tree of Life ….

This week, Church of the Servant remembers the death of Gunnar Birkerts who was the architect who designed the current church building.  This building was first opened in January 1994. As I read about some of the initial vision behind the sanctuary I hadn’t realised that the skylight dome which covers the communion table is held […]

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Vulnerability in Worship

  During our stay in Grand Rapids, we have experienced wonderful hospitality from different members of Church of the Servant. As we have visited different homes here, we couldn’t help but notice that again and again a simple fridge magnet would be displayed ‘Dear friends of Jesus Christ …’ We had no idea of the […]

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Creeds are like ribs ….

‘Creeds are like ribs, we need them to hold us together’ Prof. Neal Plantinga Last week in Church of the Servant the liturgy changed as it reached a midpoint in the season of Pentecost. Instead of reciting the apostles creed, we used a different creed which I will say more about later. Even though the […]

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A Prism for God’s Light ….

When you enter Church of the Servant through the main doors – your eye is drawn to the glass at the side … as you walk through the doors, this prism of light makes the colours dance in accompaniment … What a powerful reminder of their mission statement: We are a diverse community of Christ’s […]

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The Lost Boys …..

Last week was vacation bible school (or Holiday Bible Club as we say back home).  The title of the programme being used was ‘Passport to Peru’.  The team at Church of the Servant chose this programme because of its cross-cultural element.  Each night the story was linked in to showing various aspects of life in […]

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‘What if that one hour of corporate worship on Sunday was the best hour in the week for families? …..

This was the question asked at a specially gathered panel discussion set up by Calvin Institute of Worship.  Gathered round the table were representatives from churches who had travelled as far as Virginia and New York.  They were invited to the table because some of them had taken up the challenge to find better strategies […]

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Eric Sarwar ….

So last week I got an email from a Grand Rapids friend to say that Eric Sarwar would be back in town and wanted to meet up.  I last saw Eric 3 years ago.  We had both just arrived for the Calvin Worship Symposium in January 2014.  Eric is a Presbyterian Minister from Pakistan and […]

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